why i write

writing is something that i do involuntarily. whether i put pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard matters not, because the words, stories, and analytical commentary are constantly filling my head just waiting to be birthed.

instinctive composition is probably a normal side effect for someone who so thoroughly enjoys language and books, but it does require some release to manage it. so to use an online medium as an outlet seems fun and appropriate in this technological age.

i’ll always savor the physical, cathartic act of actually holding a writing implement and feeling the words slide smoothly onto the page with the flow of the ink (a good pen is absolutely essential). the problem is not only that hand writing is much more time consuming (i’d never purge all the sentences from my brain), but it is also very difficult to collect various topics in an organized manner.

i’m never sure on which pages in my notebook to find recent introspection on this or that (was it last week…?), and several subjects usually share one entry.

and while i can easily doodle a picture or paste in a memento into my paper journal, i cannot hyperlink it directly to a reference or source of inspiration. a web of connected resources is the perfect setting for someone like me to coordinate all my disjointed interests.

i don’t claim to be the most exceptional writer – i’m certain i’m not. i don’t pretend to have anything revolutionary to say – i know i don’t. i simply enjoy playing with the vast and versatile options available in expression through the written word.

i doubt blogging will ever fully replace handwritten journaling for me, and suspect the content here won’t be quite as vulnerable as that on the bound pages. but it serves a purpose for me, and i’d love to share it with you. i hope to connect with friends new and old that might relate on the themes broached here. so don’t be shy…please add your thoughts!