what i read

i read for pleasure. i read for knowledge. i read for inspiration. i read all the time.

i’m one of those people who is always reading several books at once. there are way too many books on my list to choose one at a time, and i also like to have a backup in case i’m not in the mood for a certain genre at a given reading opportunity. (but i never engross myself in more than one novel at a time –i am a fan of total immersion in fiction.)

i’ll try to keep this page up-to-date. i welcome and appreciate recommendations and discussion. please feel free to share your thoughts on these books or suggest others that you’ve enjoyed in the comments below. also, check the main page each week on bookworm wednesday for more detailed weekly book reviews.

for my rating of the books below, click on any cover. to browse other titles i’ve read (or plan to read), check out my book shelves at  my read shelf

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