Friday nights in OKC are never dull

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I love my city. Oklahoma City, that is. I think fifteen years living and working and playing in the metro area earns us the right to claim it as our own, even though we reside a hundred miles away, now.

Our small town is great—really great. I love our church, our friends, our neighborhood, and being close to grandpa. But while there are certainly interesting and worthwhile cultural and business developments happening here, we miss being a part of the exciting community growth that is happening in the heart of the capital.

Oklahoma City has so much going for it, and a lot to be proud of. You don’t have to look hard to find the myriad of impressive, entertaining, beautiful, fascinating, unique attractions and organizations, so I won’t recount all of them here.

But the thing that has me missing my city right now—other than the electric NBA playoff atmosphere (get it, Thunder fans?! ;)) and a handful of shopping errands that are now out of reach—is the wonderful collaboration of several midtown districts to create fun and free street festivals every Friday of the month.

Each event is a stand-alone production, but the good neighbors have created magic by coordinating and cross-promoting rather than competing. There has been widespread restoration in once-neglected nooks of the city, and these districts are among those transforming their neighborhood into something special.

While searching for the details of each event, I was surprised that no single site had complete information including all four. Which seems impossible, since there are plenty of news outlets and blogs enthusiastic about OKC goings-on. But if I couldn’t easily find it, then it might take some extra browsing for you, too. So, for my own reference and yours, here is the scheduled monthly rotation of OKC street festivals:

First Friday: Paseo Gallery Walk , 6-10pm year-round (NW 28th & Walker Ave to NW 30th & Dewey Ave)

The arts district presents this monthly showcase of the new work of studio owners or guest artists. More than 60 artists are represented in 17 galleries along the curve of Paseo Street.

Second Friday: LIVE on the Plaza, 7-11pm year-round (along 16th St. between Penn & Classen Blvd)

There’s a block party every month in the Plaza District, featuring live music, featured artists, special events, and local shopping.

Third Friday: Premier on Film Row, 6-9pm year-round (along W Sheridan between Dewey & Shartel)

The businesses on Historic Film Row invite families to enjoy an evening featuring film screenings, live music, art exhibitions, kid’s activities, and good eats.

Fourth Friday: H&8th Night Market, 7-11pm May-Sept (along Hudson Ave between NW 7th & NW 8th St)

This family- and pet-friendly food market is built around a lineup of more than thirty of the city’s top gourmet food trucks (all in one block!) plus fresh Oklahoma craft beer.

The first Night Market of the season is this Friday (April 25th), and if we weren’t attending a fun benefit event right around the corner from our house, I might consider extending my planned day-trip to The City so I could include a visit to H&8th. If you’re looking for something to do, or just a delicious solution for dinner, you should check it out!

*I created an interactive google map that includes all four locations for those unfamiliar with the area.

View OKC Friday Street Festivals in a larger map