my first stitch fix box!

“I’ve been wanting to try that.” Every time the personal styling service Stitch Fix comes up, I hear that comment. Until recently, it has been my own response. It seems every woman I know is itching to have a professional inject some life into their closet. (Not to mention avoiding shopping malls and getting a fun treat in the mail!)

After giving it a try, I am impressed with the ease and thoroughness of process, the quality of the items, and the presentation of the box. I won’t go in to the details of how it works, because their website does a great job of explaining it. They seem to have thought of everything, considering not only your style preferences but also your daily lifestyle and current wardrobe needs. You can even link to your fashion-themed Pinterest board to give your stylist a good idea of how you like to dress! I could tell my comments and pins were really considered. The only drawback is waiting for your first box. You get to pick your ship date, but for some reason the first available opening was four weeks away when I signed up.

So, without further ado, here is my first round of personal styling with Stitch Fix:

When I opened the box I immediately looked for the necklace my stylist, Jessica, had mentioned in her note…no, that’s not true. I went right for the invoice, first. Frugality is in my core, and I knew that this investment would mean stretching outside my normal supersale buying habits in order to get quality clothing that I actually like (for the style and not just the price). I was pleased to see that if I purchased every item in the box it would only set me back $200 (after the keep-all discount). Not bad. You can indicate budget preferences on your profile, but—as I understand it—the stylists are choosing from higher-end clothing brands.

stitch fic box

Included with the clothing items are perforated inspiration cards that show examples of each piece styled two different ways. This is a huge bonus for me. Not only has someone with fashion sense hand-picked clothing for me, but they’ve also shown me how to wear it! Yes! I tried to match the looks as closely as I could to get the best feel for if I liked the items.

In my “Fix” were two tops, two bottoms, and a piece of jewelry. The necklace didn’t have a card with photos, but Jessica mentioned in her note that she thought it could add interest to any outfit. At first it seemed a little dainty and unremarkable, but as soon as I put it on, I realized it is the necklace I never knew I always wanted. There are so many times that I can’t decide if I want to wear a neckline-skimming necklace or a long pendant—and this is both! I put it on with the t-shirt I was already wearing, and loved it immediately.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 9.19.25 PM

stitch fix_triangle necklace

tee from Shop Good

The two tops are a similar style—both sleeveless and flowy—which might’ve been disappointing if I hadn’t asked for clothing that would be cool in the oppressive summer heat. The shirts are different enough in the cut that I don’t think they’ll be redundant in my closet if I keep them both.

First up is a silky shirt in a pretty red and grey print. There are some nice details that are difficult to see in the photos, like gathering at the shoulders and the tuxedo collar.

stitch fix_abstract print blouse cardThe casual look pairs the blouse with wide-leg drawstring pants and gladiator sandals, while the dressier style incorporates a white skirt and statement necklace. My take:

Yes, those are the same shoes and purse from my first style post three years ago. This is why I need Stitch Fix! I really like both outfits, here, even though I had to substitute pinstriped seersucker shorts for the skirt in the second look. As we’ve established, my wardrobe has its limitations. :)  Ironically, that linen skirt I got rid of would’ve done nicely. Always listen to your mother!

Next is a gauzy blouse in a gorgeous jade color. The angled hem, front pleat, and pockets really upgrade this from your average solid-color shirt.

stitch fix_natasha blouse cardThe casual look puts the blouse with cuffed straight-leg jeans and some chunky jewelry. The dressed-up look used the shirt to top a pale pencil skirt and delicate accessories. My take:

Don’t mind the awkward photo on the left. That is not a filter, something went wrong with the white balance and I couldn’t fix it in the editor. Also, I guess that facial expression is my “blue steel” look. Or, the timer on the camera ran out too fast. 😉 And as long as I’m apologizing for my unprofessional photos, several of these are tilted a bit because my Joby GorillaPod kept slipping. Oh well, you get the idea.

So I like both of these looks, as well, but the blouse is just a smidge too big. Enough that my bra shows through the armhole, and bending over to help a toddler all day would mean flashing some cleavage. If I keep it, I would probably have to always have a cami underneath.

On to dressing the bottom half! At first I thought these dark skinny jeans were black, but upon closer inspection, they are actually a deep blue. I was skeptical that they would fit perfectly, because jeans are so tricky. Imagine my surprise when this pair felt like a cozy second skin! They have just enough stretch and are actually the perfect length for my short legs! I rarely find pants that I don’t need to hem.

stitch fix_skinny jeans cardThe casual look was classic stripes and denim with flats, and the dressier option matched the jeans with a lacy scalloped sleeveless top and heels. Here is my take:

Both of those shirts came from my favorite local boutique, The Pocket Shop. And for those of you from the OK/TX area, that purse is from Harold’s! That is how long things stay in my possession! (I still carry it, it looks great!) So what can you say about classic skinny jeans? They are good quality, a good fit, a reasonable price, but I don’t know if I really need them. I do remember indicating on my style profile that I would be interested in staple items, though, and Jessica delivered. Both of the bottoms she picked are very versatile.

The last piece in my first Fix is a comfy black skirt in a thick & smooth rayon. The fabric has a good weight to it, and is so soft. And scoring bonus points right out of the box—pockets!

stitch fix_ponte skirt cardOne look combines a ruched shirt and long striped cardigan with a scarf and booties, and the other layers the skirt with a long-sleeve tunic and chic jewelry. My take:

Neither outfit on the inspiration card has a shirt intended to be tucked in to this skirt, but that is the only way it looks good to me. It may just be that I hate everything about the second outfit I put together. (Except my Titu‘s bracelet.) That cardi went straight into the consignment pile. I could’ve improved the whole look with some color in the shoes and necklace, as shown on the card. Note to self: buy lilac flats! I love purple as an alternative “neutral.” But back to the skirt—I did like how the gathering gave me a boost in the caboose. I went fairly flat back there when I started breastfeeding. 😉 Here’s a rear-view.

stitch fix_ponte skirt casual back

The skirt is a little pricier than I would usually like to spend for an item like this, but I can also see myself wearing it all summer with fitted tanks and all winter with colorful tights.

So that’s my first Stitch Fix Box! I would love your opinion on these items and which ones you think I should keep. I’ll send any unwanted items back tomorrow. If you decide to give the service a try, use my referral link and I’ll get a credit toward my next box! :)

Get Your Fix!

summer style

my friend laura of Hollywood Housewife periodically hosts a brag book link-up – an excuse and license to say “look at me!” without apologies. this time she has challenged her readers to post a picture in their favorite summer outfit. i’ve yet to be disappointed after trying something uncomfortable at laura’s urging, so i decided to participate.

i work from home, so my standard summer uniform is the most comfy shorts and tee i can find, no makeup, hair in a pony or messy bun. i tried the whole get-dolled-up-for-the-home-office thing… it lasted a day. so when i get out of the house, i like to get “dressed,” even if i’m just running to the grocery store.

thanks to a freshly organized closet and bits of creative inspiration on Pinterest, putting together an outfit has been more fun lately. but because it’s been so unbelievably hot this summer, i am drawn to the clothes that have the least contact with my skin: dresses.

this dress is a favorite because 1) it’s so lightweight, 2) it has ruffles 3) it has pockets. i am obsessed with dresses and skirts that have pockets. i never like to be without places to stash my chapstick and scribbled notes-to-self. even my favorite lounge pants and gym shorts have pockets.

confession: it’s not even my dress. my sweet sister loaned it to me for the summer because her baby-baking belly is currently too voluminous to fit into it. three cheers for sisters, unborn nieces, and borrowed threads!

the gold bangles were my mom‘s. they came from lebanon and she wore them with everything. the sound they make when they clang together reminds me of her. i got the necklace on a beach in mexico straight from the artist – it’s hand-blown glass and wire.

i love the look of heels (and my wee 5’2″ frame could use the boost), but i always wear flats. my feet are bare 90% of the time in summer, and they rebel if i try to make them trek all over town on a few extra inches. i usually wear the bag across my body so it doesn’t swing around or fall off my shoulder – but that kinda ruins an outfit pic, ya know? i carry this one almost daily. it came from kohl’s, i think, and it’s sustained some serious use quite beautifully.

well, that was only slightly terrifying. kudos to laura for getting us out of our comfort zones. be sure check out the other brave souls showing off their summer style and give them some love. self-portraits are hard!

earrings: ten thousand villages

ring: lia sophia

belt: um…high school?

tank: volcom

sandals: madden girl

what’s in your go-to summer wardrobe? do you have an outfit that always makes you feel great?