not quite the griswolds

the family vacation. maybe it’s a dying trend, but i love the fact that my family enjoys getting together. my husband and i have just returned from one such adventure.

my grandmother on my mom’s side (my wonderful “titu”) has three children, my mother and her two brothers. all three families, which are growing now that my generation is getting married and having kids, gather annually if possible to…well…just be together. and if you don’t believe me that “spending time together” is the only thing on the agenda, i submit to you the conclusive evidence: our choice of location. this year we gathered in gatlinburg, tennessee, which is basically a hot spot for seniors and people seeking cheesy entertainment. but it was halfway between oklahoma and virginia, where our families reside, so it worked for us.

actually, we has the added bonus of the smokey mountains and some beautiful hikes, but honestly, sitting in the condo laughing and talking is what we love. i adore my faimly, and i truly crave time with them. i don’t take that for granted.

you can see photos here

hello world!

so i did it. i started a blog. not sure if what have to say is of value to anyone else, but i’m thinking and writing anyway, might as well keep it all in one electronic archive. this will be a place for me to corral information, ideas, notes about my broad array of interests in one place. and if there happens to be someone else out there who even vaguely relates to my schizophrenic personality, maybe you’ll benefit from my ramblings. and maybe you’ll have something to share with me in that area. we’ll see how this goes…