who i am

obviously i can’t relate who i am completely on this short page, but i’ll try to offer a glimpse.

i’m trisha – an oklahoma girl who lives on the plains and belongs in the mountains. relationships are my number one priority: my faith (JC is my all), my family (my favorite people on earth), and my friends (what would life be without them?)

i’ve acquired so many wildly varying interests that i could be ten different people. i have a very curious nature and love to learn about anything and everything that intrigues me. when i say “learn,” i mean of the research and hands-on variety.

if a subject piques my interest, i’ll seek out and devour nearly every informational source on it (you might call me an informavore) …but i’m not satisfied without first-hand experience if at all possible. hence my many hobbies. which will be the topics of this blog.

there should be something here for everyone, considering the scope of my olio, but this blog is ultimately for me. a place i can finally gather all of my random and disconnected pursuits into one cyber place.

please let me know if you share an enthusiasm for the things that i do. i’d love to trade tips, insight, or mutual encouragement in that area.

“no, you never get any fun out of things you haven’t done.” ~ oscar wilde


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