a very harold halloween

trunk or treat

one of the best things about being someone’s mom is the fact that kids automatically make every celebration more fun. little ones have a way of participating in holidays and events in a way that adults either outgrow, or feel they should, until you can use your child as an excuse to jump in again. cheesy valentines in the spring, colorful sparklers in the summer, and crazy costumes in the fall all feel more appropriate when you are enjoying them alongside your kiddo’s delight. and the Christmas season is taken to a whole new level!

now, at graham’s age, any childlike glee is obviously driven more by mom than baby, but i don’t need much nudging to get back in the game. since graham was barely alive last halloween, this was the first real chance for him to “be” something for all the fall parties.

it’s no secret that i love children’s literature, and plan to brainwash my kid into loving books, too. the first step in my not-so-sneaky plot was to decorate his nursery in a storybook theme. isn’t the next logical step to help him channel a classic storybook character?

harold, and his creative adventure with his crayon, has always been one of my favorites. graham sort of resembles the bald little boy, so it was an easy choice for me. plus, his costume couldn’t have been any easier.

but what is harold without the world he draws around himself? so i chose a page from the book for my costume and set about recreating it. this mama does not sew, but i wanted the “ink” from the drawing to actually connect to harold’s perpetually-drawing crayon, so fabric glue was my friend.

making lee’s costume as the book cover was a cinch: i just sent the image to a local store to make the heat transfer, then took it down the street for the tee company to apply it. the whole outing took 15 minutes. (yeah, we live in a small town, now.)

and we have great friends in this town who throw cute toddler parties complete with hayrides and pumpkin painting, and a fantastic church family that knows how to deck out a festive “trunk or treat,” so graham officially had more fun this year than he will ever remember. 😉



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  1. your first paragraph thoughts about kids making hoidays that much more fun were exactly what the thoughts i had running through my mind this halloween…and what i eluded to in my latest post too. you just put it much more eloquently.

    cute costumes!

  2. LeaAnn Fannin Quirk on November 3, 2013 at 12:18 am said:


  3. LOVE this idea! Super cute!!

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