saturday summary – the break week


after the busyness of last week and a very full weekend, i was happy to take a self-imposed spring break from posting.

between gathering with my family last weekend to honor my mom‘s birthday, an impromptu visit to my titu mid-week, and a double date with great friends last night, i feel refreshed and energized by time with those i love.  

on sunday i completed my first half-marathon with  great success! i was worried that my sporadic training, 14-hour on-my-feet event the day before, and four hours of sleep would make the race miserable, but i felt remarkably good the entire time. i finished much faster than i ever thought i could — 2:04:32! i’m very pleased with the experience and glad to have that 2012 goal crossed off my list. (and eight months ahead of my initial timeline!)

thursday night we went to the midnight showing of the hunger games! i feel like i’ve been waiting for this movie forever, so i was worried that my expectations might be too high. but the film did not disappoint, and i am one satisfied fan. i felt like they chose well when it came to including or excluding details, and the adaptation was true to the original story. nothing about the visual experience opposed what i had created in my imagination – excellent movie!

the unseasonably warm weather has been great for walks around the neighborhood pond, and i’m trying to take advantage of the comfortable temps while they’re here. but it makes me very nervous about the inevitably extreme summer. i suspect gardening will be challenging, again, this year.

today i leave for colorado to visit my brother and his wife for a week. i’m anxious to get back on the board and maybe get in some time on my skiis, too, before the snow disappears with the too-early warmth.

seeing as i will be passing through denver today, i found this article on the denver airport from the chive very interesting. i’ve been to DEN many times, and have noticed but never examined the oddities found there. i had no idea how deep the weirdness goes!

we’re excited about the return (finally!) of mad men tomorrow, and the media has been all abuzz about it. i’ve seen a few features on how the production gets it right when aiming for historic authenticity on the set with props, clothing, and circumstantial details. but this article from the hot word examining the accuracy of the language on mad men was especially fascinating to this word-junkie.

jeff goins post on how to improve your writing in one counter-intuitive way was a factor in my decision to take a bloggy spring break. although i still had work deadlines to write for, i can feel the positive effects that rest provides. “What happens when you rest — truly rest — is nothing short of amazing and miraculous.”

only one more week in march — wow. the photo-a-day challenge has been fun, but i’m still undecided on continuing in april. i’ll just continue to savor march a while longer…2012 is going so fast.

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