(re)born to run – the story

This is the story of how my lifelong abhorrence for running has been transformed into an all-out enthusiasm that makes me question my identity. I’ve deciphered the secret code to my running happiness, and I’m a new person when i lace up my running shoes. The old me was hopelessly lost when it came to running:

Before I graduated from high school, I had never run more than a mile or two at a time. I was fine with that–I hated running. I spent my teen extracurricular hours dancing at a local studio and for the school drill team (playing sports only for funsies at summer camp and church leagues), so team “conditioning” was not a part of my athletic training.

In college I made myself go 3.1 miles once a year for our sorority’s charity 5k. I joked that the stars had to align just so for me to have a good run: enough sleep, the perfect amount of the right food at the precise interval of time, the best time-of-the-month…I maintained that I was just not a “runner.”

In the years after college, a weekly-ish 2-3 mile jog worked it’s way in to my exercise routine, and I would complete the occasional 5k with respectable results, but i never got it. I enjoyed moving my body, but running didn’t feel like something I wanted to tolerate for more than thirty minutes—much less hours.

A handful of times I decided I was going to try to increase my distance, and my approach usually involved one of three things I heard often from runners: better form, better shoes, or better tunes.

Following popular tips on posture and stride yielded minimal improvement. The latest high-tech shoes gave me a temporary spring in my step, but did nothing to increase my endurance. Listening to my favorite upbeat music had mixed results: it inspired me to move, but messed up my breathing and pace.

I was focused on all the right areas, but in all the wrong ways.

Tomorrow I’ll share how I looked at those three elements in a different way, and discovered a formula that really works for me.

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2 Thoughts on “(re)born to run – the story

  1. Larry Boatright on February 6, 2012 at 5:12 pm said:

    Ah the tension…left me hanging. I identify with this as well- can’t wait to hear what you came up with!

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