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my friend laura of Hollywood Housewife periodically hosts a brag book link-up – an excuse and license to say “look at me!” without apologies. this time she has challenged her readers to post a picture in their favorite summer outfit. i’ve yet to be disappointed after trying something uncomfortable at laura’s urging, so i decided to participate.

i work from home, so my standard summer uniform is the most comfy shorts and tee i can find, no makeup, hair in a pony or messy bun. i tried the whole get-dolled-up-for-the-home-office thing… it lasted a day. so when i get out of the house, i like to get “dressed,” even if i’m just running to the grocery store.

thanks to a freshly organized closet and bits of creative inspiration on Pinterest, putting together an outfit has been more fun lately. but because it’s been so unbelievably hot this summer, i am drawn to the clothes that have the least contact with my skin: dresses.

this dress is a favorite because 1) it’s so lightweight, 2) it has ruffles 3) it has pockets. i am obsessed with dresses and skirts that have pockets. i never like to be without places to stash my chapstick and scribbled notes-to-self. even my favorite lounge pants and gym shorts have pockets.

confession: it’s not even my dress. my sweet sister loaned it to me for the summer because her baby-baking belly is currently too voluminous to fit into it. three cheers for sisters, unborn nieces, and borrowed threads!

the gold bangles were my mom‘s. they came from lebanon and she wore them with everything. the sound they make when they clang together reminds me of her. i got the necklace on a beach in mexico straight from the artist – it’s hand-blown glass and wire.

i love the look of heels (and my wee 5’2″ frame could use the boost), but i always wear flats. my feet are bare 90% of the time in summer, and they rebel if i try to make them trek all over town on a few extra inches. i usually wear the bag across my body so it doesn’t swing around or fall off my shoulder – but that kinda ruins an outfit pic, ya know? i carry this one almost daily. it came from kohl’s, i think, and it’s sustained some serious use quite beautifully.

well, that was only slightly terrifying. kudos to laura for getting us out of our comfort zones. be sure check out the other brave souls showing off their summer style and give them some love. self-portraits are hard!

earrings: ten thousand villages

ring: lia sophia

belt: um…high school?

tank: volcom

sandals: madden girl

what’s in your go-to summer wardrobe? do you have an outfit that always makes you feel great?

18 Thoughts on “summer style

  1. Oh YAY! I’m so glad you played along, too.

    That dress is darling and I can totally see you or Kelleigh looking precious in it. Love the bag. I found a gray across-the-body style bag at Target and have been wearing it out, but you are so right – not so great for the pictures.

    Those shoes are so fun and pop with that dress.

    I love how even your accessories have special meaning to you! And I totally know what you mean about the working at home thing. I do dress up to go to the store or to run errands in Norman or whatever! Any excuse will do.

    • thanks, meg. i wasn’t sure i wanted to put my style out there at first, but i took the plunge at the last minute. i’m glad i did…link-ups are fun!

  2. I would definitely wear that outfit! Cute, cute. I love Ten Thousand Villages and have shopped with them many times. It’s so fun to mix vintage and share a story about a piece of jewelry or handbag!!

  3. Love that dress! I feel the same way about pockets. I also have a yellow purse so I now feel we are kindred spirits:)

  4. you look so pretty! and before you mentioned it, i totally thought, “way to bring back the high school belt” 😉 the whole look is great. thanks for the shout-out sis.

  5. Cute! I concur with the pockets. I have bought 2 dresses this summer, both with pockets. Love ’em. I love the belted look too. I have been wanting to get a big brown belt. None of my belts from high school are cute.

  6. First off, I love the style of these pictures. Secondly, I have those same shoes and people always compliment me on them. Thirdly, and most importantly, you look so pretty!!

    I wish I lived close enough to share clothes with my sister. Or share clothes with anyone, really.

    (thanks for participating in the link up. i’m so glad people are forcing themselves to do it, even when it’s uncomfortable.)

    • thank you, thank you, friend. figuring out how i wanted to capture the photos was almost as fun as putting together my favorite summer outfit. i always get compliments on those shoes, too. i’ll think of you when i wear them, now.

      i’m glad you encouraged us to share our style…i’ve done more then a few uncomfortable things at your urging, and have never regretted it. :)

  7. Ruffles and pockets – a few of my favorite things! And I love the way you shot the photo, too. So glad Laura inspired us all to share – I think I’m going to give the belted sundress a try!

  8. Beautiful! I love the purse and the shoes and the bracelet. What a wonderful blend of memories and new items too.

  9. Gorgeous and very stylish. I really like your purse!

  10. what a gorgeous outfit! i love all of your accessories too…especially the shoes!!

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