happy new decade to me

it seems appropriate to come back from a month-long hiatus* from ~~okieOLIO~~ to wish myself a happy 30th birthday. don’t worry, i haven’t been absent in order to engage in some sort of personal turn-of-the-decade crisis. i’ve just been busy, busy with lots of good things are settling into place as my twenties float silently away: 

a fantastic new “just a job” that i actually enjoy has given me the financial and scheduling freedom to pursue my language business (that i promise to give more details on soon.)

a focus on a healthy, triumphant defeat (for good this time!) of the cancer that tried to do battle with my mom.

a deepening of my faith, gratitude, and contentment in the life He has granted me.

and more quality time with my family as a happy side effect to all of those things.

this year my birthday celebration(s) have been worthy of the milestone. my honey woke me up this morning with our traditional birthday breakfast in bed, and gifted me with the lasik eye surgery i’ve wished for since high school (can’t blame my horrible vision on age, at least). my sister made a gorgeous, delicious living raw cake at my request, which we enjoyed at the family party last weekend. (see photos of the ambitious process here.) my brother is in town for the first time in nearly six months, so i am enjoying his brief visit before he jets off to the mountains for another season. and i will spend my birthday weekend in a relaxing do-nothing getaway.

the most exciting commemoration of my grand entrance into my 30s is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream – to visit my “homeland.” most of my friends know that my family is lebanese and even call my grandmother “titu” like my siblings and cousins do. i’ve often been asked if i’ve ever been to lebanon, and the answer has always been a dismayed “no.” but the timing and circumstances have finally aligned, and i’m headed to beirut in two weeks to visit my cousin colette! wow, happy birthday to me!

the joy of birthdays past - taken sometime in the first decade

*when i’m MIA  from ~~okieOLIO~~ i sometimes pop up elsewhere in the blogosphere. check out my recent review contributions and updates to other blogs, and of course the occasional ~OLIOsnippits~

2 Thoughts on “happy new decade to me

  1. that is such a darling little girl who grew to be a beautiful young woman! you brought so much joy to everyone then and even more so today. happy birthday!

  2. Colette on November 10, 2009 at 4:19 pm said:

    Happy Happy Birthday Trish!!! Can’t wait for your arrival in Beirut! Bishufik hiyati!! xxx

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