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books-199x300i do not have children (yet). i do not have nieces or nephews (yet – kel?). i do not often have children as guests in my home (my friends close by have just begun – in the last month – to welcome the arrival of babies. yes, all of them at once).

what  i do have in my house is fully one entire bookcase dedicated to children’s books. and several boxes stored in the attic. (only my favorite 100 or so need to be easily accessible, right?) who are these books enjoyed by? me. it’s not that i wouldn’t love to share them with a precious little one on my lap, and i’m sure in time i will, it’s just that all the kiddos of my friends and family reside in other states.

but, as many parents know, kid lit is not just for kids. the works of art and profound themes depicted through children’s literature can be appreciated by readers of any age. i’ve been entertained, impressed, encouraged, and convicted by the books created for a young audience.

some have been loved treasures for decades, but many are from delightful and creative authors that have recently emerged. i find myself purchasing from the children’s section at least once for every five book selections i make.

which is why i jumped at the chance to be on the Simple Kids Book Review Team and participate in What We’re Reading Wednesday. today my first review is published along with others from different age categories. stop on over and read about one of my favorite preschooler books, and then let me know if you have any great book recommendations in the comments here or on the WHAT I READ page.

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  1. I am so inspired by your enthusiasm for children’s literature. What a great find for this week. Thank you again!

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